Topsham, Maine – August 2018 Real Estate Market Report

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The Topsham Real Estate Market Report for August shows at the Topsham remains about the same coming through the summer months. Topsham seems to be the most consistent town with a very low amount of inventory available for buyers. Sellers are enjoying the tight market and the fact that August shows us that buyers are willing to continue to pay more than what they are asking for. Topsham averaged 102% when comparing the list price to the actual sale price! As a seller, don’t go to high on your asking price. Se a realistic price with your real estate professional and know that if you are attractive to buyer, they will offer more than what you are asking. Happy Selling!!

August ended with  21 Current Listings (down 2 from July),  19 Pending Sales (up 6 from July), and 10 Closed Sales in August (down 5 from July).  Average Sales Price to List Price Ratio was 102%.

If you compare August 2018 with August 2017 in Topsham, this is what you see:

  • August 2018 Current Listings – 21 vs 24 in August 2017
  • August 2018 Pending Sales – 19 vs. 32 in August 2017
  • August 2018 Sales – 10 vs. 13 in August 2017
  • August 2018 Median Sales Price – $251,000 vs. $237,000 in August 2017

If you plan to buy or sell a home in Topsham, call Maine Home Realty today!

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