January Market Report for Bath, Brunswick, Topsham

Here is the January, 2013 Market Report for the 3 primary towns (Bath, Brunswick and Topsham) in Maine Home Realty’s Market Area.   The report shows how many properties are currently on the market and under contract (pending) in each town as of 2/4/13, and the properties that sold during the month of January.   The data offers interesting insight!

INTERESTING FACT: When Maine Home Realty first opened its doors in September of 2011, there were over 33,000 listings statewide – now the number is just over 24,000.  Yes, the much lower figure has a bit to do with the time of year, but the pendulum has swung and buyers have fewer properties from which to choose.   Econ 101 – Supply & Demand – where do you think the market is headed?

If you are ready to buy or sell a home, or if  you’d just like to know how things are shaping up in your own backyard, give us a call!

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