How Can I Make My Home Show Better?

Have you ever thought about shopping your home to re-energize a room?  We all tend to get comfortable (lazy) about the way we have our homes arranged and decorated.   But when you put your home on the market, it is no longer just your home – it is a product you are selling, and it must have appeal!

When we go on listing appointments, home owners often ask us what they should do to make the house show better, yet in our area and price range, folks tend to resist the idea of hiring a staging professional.  We realize sellers don’t want to spend big bucks on things they will be leaving behind, but we can usually offer a few suggestions that won’t cost very much and may be portable.  Our suggestions usually involve things like de-cluttering, deep cleaning, adding a pop of color, or re-arranging furniture and items that you already own.  Shopping your own home is the least expensive way to freshen your space.   The article below isn’t written as a “how to” for staging your home, but it has some clever ideas along the lines we often recommend – freshening your space with your own possessions!

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