Bath, Maine – July 2017 Real Estate Market Report

Bath ME 04530 January 7 2016

In July Bath’s Real Estate market saw a slight increase in available listings by 5 total. Even though this does not sound like allot, Bath could use as many active listings as possible with buyers still looking. As we head into the fall market expect the active listings to decrease. We are slowly coming out of summer and with vacationers leaving and children back to school buyers will begin to think about real estate again. This summer has been steady and business continues to do well, will this last through the winter like years past or will the market slow down like normal? Only time will tell!

July ended with 42 Current Listings  (up 5 from June),  21 Pending Sales (up 8 from June), and  9 Closed Sales (down 6 from June).   Average Sales Price to List Price Ratio was 89% for July.

Comparing Bath’s data for July 2017 with July 2016, this is what we see:

  • July 2017 Current Listings – 42 vs 55 in July 2016
  • July 2017 Pending Sales – 21 vs. 39 in July 2016
  • July 2017 Sales – 9 vs. 17 in July 2016
  • July 2017 Median Sales Price – $180,000 vs. $200,000 in July 2016

If you are ready to sell or buy a home in Bath, call Maine Home Realty today!

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