Bath, Maine- August 2016 Real Estate Market Report

20150605_bath-waterfront-park-sagadahoc-bridgeIn  August Bath’s Real Estate market continued to push ahead! The inventory has remained low giving buyers less to look at when searching for the right place. Pending Sales remained strong at 41 showing that properties continue to move quickly as we head towards the end of the summer selling season. Bath experienced another month with less than half of the inventory we had to look at this time last year!

August ended with 54 Current Listings  (down 1 from July),  41 Pending Sales (up 2 from July), and  17 Closed Sales in August (remaining the same from July).   Average Sales Price to List Price Ratio came in at 95% for August, which also remained the same from July.

Comparing Bath’s data for August 2016 with August 2015, this is what we see:

  • August 2016 Current Listings – 54 vs 114 in August 2015
  • August 2016 Pending Sales – 41 vs. 18 in August 2015
  • August 2016 Sales – 17 vs. 16 in August 2015
  • August 2016 Median Sales Price – $123,000 vs. $169,685 in August 2015
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