2014 Real Estate Market Wrap-Up

How did our local real estate market really do last year?  Maine Home Realty’s 2014 Real Estate Market Wrap-Up tells you!  Please notice that we’ve changed the report format, from previous years, to stay consistent with our monthly report format.  The 2014 report shows data for Bath, Brunswick and Topsham, the largest towns in Maine Home Realty’s territory. The 2013 data is also provided for comparison.

We publish our market reports to help our interested readers observe local real estate market activity, direction and strength over time.  We have been flattered, this past year, that media outlets and researchers have contacted us regarding using our local market data.  We have been told that Maine Home Realty’s website is the best source of this hyper-local real estate information.

The table above provides a summary of all homes that Sold in Bath, Brunswick and Topsham during 2014.  This data somewhat reflects how we “felt” for most of 2014 – like we had hit a plateau after seeing recovery in 2013. We note the following year-over-year improvements: 

    • All 3 towns saw an increase in unit sales – Yeah!
    • Bath & Topsham saw modest increases in Median Price (up 1.3% in Bath and 2.9% in Topsham).
    • Bath saw a decrease in Average Days on Market (3 days less)

In future market reports, we will continue to share what is happening in these local real estate markets.  If you are thinking about selling or buying a property in the area, please don’t hesitate to contact Maine Home Realty! 

Best Wishes for a Terrific 2015!

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