Androscoggin County Single Family Home Sales 2001 – 2013

We are often asked, “How’s the Market?”  The Maine Association of REALTORS® compiles historical data and the graph below tells the story of where we’ve been since 2001 as far as single family home sales in Androscoggin County.   Sales prices have consistently been around 80% of the State median since 2000.  In Maine Home Realty’s territory,  Lisbon Falls and Lisbon are located within Androscoggin County and, of any of the towns in our market area that were adversely impacted by the closure of Brunswick Naval Air Station (BNAS), we would say these 2 towns took the hardest hit in terms of real estate.   Buyers looking for a good value, who don’t mind a more inland location, can still find it here.

Androscoggin County Maine Home Sales 2001-2013

Androscoggin County Maine Home Sales 2001-2013



Maine Home Realty can assist with home buying & selling in several towns and cities in Androscoggin County.  If you have interest in DurhamLisbon or Lisbon Falls, Call us today!  

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