November 2013 Market Report for Bath, Brunswick, Topsham

Below you will see current listing, pending and November home sales data for the City of Bath and Towns of Brunswick and Topsham, which are the major towns in Maine Home Realty’s Market Area.

On this snowy day in December, we can’t help but long for the warmth of Summer, and the Sales Volumes of Summer, too!   Only Brunswick has managed to maintain sales numbers anywhere near those of recent months.  Bath has posted its lowest number of the year with only 4 home sales in all of November.

Remember, we said this is a period of uncertainty – in terms of our federal government’s funding and interest rates – but it is also a period when we get caught up in the Holidays, and family and decorating and baking and gift-giving and oh, so many things to get done and to do.  Most home buyers who are not on a deadline tend to take a break from the search right now and come back to the project after New Year’s.  Homeowners who plan to sell, but are not currently listed, will most likely also wait until the new year to enter the market – giving buyers not much new to look at for the next month or two.

The number of Current Listings dropped almost 20% in Brunswick, with Bath and Topsham remaining just below last month’s levels.  Pending Sales volumes held pretty steady across all towns, and that’s a good sign for going forward.

Don’t forget to watch for our 2013 wrap-up market reports in early 2014!

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