You want to show my house when?

You want to show my house when?

You’ve put your house on the market and your agent just called you at work at 10:30 am with an eager buyer who wants to view your home this afternoon.  Frantically, you think back to your hectic morning and try to remember in what kind of condition you’ve left the house – is there anything messy, or embarrassing, laying around?

If you can stick to some sort of cleaning routine (a good idea whether your home is for sale or not), you will have less anxiety when you get those inevitable last minute calls from your real estate broker asking if the house can be shown – – keep your home “show-ready” all the time and take the stress off!

Click the photo below for’s  “Can-Do Cleaning Strategies for Busy People” and get some good, manageable suggestions for a house cleaning routine that you can tailor to work for you

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