What is Maine Home Realty’s Market Area?

People often ask, “What is Maine Home Realty’s Market Area?”  Well, depending on whether you ask Jon or Terry, you will most likely get a slightly different answer.  Did you know that in Maine, real estate professionals are licensed to work within the entire state?  Maine has one MLS, the Maine Real Estate Information System (MREIS), so Maine real estate agents can provide information to you about properties located anywhere in Maine.  But for practical purposes, Maine Home Realty’s Market Area is generally within the following towns – this is where we help most of the Buyers and Sellers with whom we work:

Bath West Bath Brunswick Topsham
Harpswell Durham Bowdoin Bowdoinham
Lisbon Falls Lisbon Phippsburg Woolwich
Arrowsic Georgetown Dresden Wiscasset

Given the geography of Mid-Coast Maine, with its islands, long reaches (land fingers), incredible miles of shoreline, and bodies of water at every turn, a location that appears to be nearby on the map, may actually be quite a bit of a drive – – we are not able to travel as the crow flies!

But, there are exceptions to every rule, and so it is with Maine Home Realty’s Market Area – – So, we will confess that Jon has helped clients in Portland, Cape Elizabeth and even once going to Machias; Terry has trekked out to Richmond, down to Freeport and up to Edgecomb to help her clients!  So if your search area gets stretched a bit geographically, we may choose to stretch with you.  Alternatively, if you are interested in property outside of our Market Area, we are also able to refer you to an experienced broker who is located in the geographic area where you have interest.

It’s smart to work with a broker who is familiar with the area in which you are buying or selling.  When we list a property, we make numerous trips to the property to meet, gather info, take photographs, set signs and lockboxes, etc.  We also go to the town offices and county registries to check all public information that is available about a property.  We do the same thing when we help you buy a property, where you also may have multiple showings, inspections, final walk-through, etc., which result in numerous visits to the property.   To provide these types of services on a property that may be over an hour drive away, may not be cost effective for us.  In order to provide the best service and knowledge, we tend to maintain a smaller Market Area closer to Maine Home Realty’s home base in Bath.

Search the MLS right now to find your new home in Maine!

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