Finding, Buying & Keeping Your Maine Home

The Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection recently published a 40 page guide entitled “DOWNEASTER Common Sense Guide – Finding, Buying and Keeping Your Maine Home.”

As the economy has slowly emerged from the recession that began with the financial melt-down in the fall of 2008, this timely guide offers a brief history of the housing-related events leading up to the crash, the intervening years, and a common sense approach for not repeating those same mistakes.

Living in MidCoast MaineFor a government publication, this is a pretty good read and it is written about Maine mortgages for Mainers.  If you are ready to buy a home, or already own a home, click on the link above to get some helpful information, including examples and illustrations.

Focusing on Mortgages and Lending, topics in the guide include:

          • Renting vs. Buying – – How to figure what makes sense for you
          • Pre-Qualifying yourself to see how much home you can afford
          • Credit Reports & Credit Scores – How all that works
          • The Mortgage Approval Process
          • Staying in Your Home and Living with your Mortgage

If you have further questions, or you are ready to move forward with a home purchase, please call Maine Home Realty for personalized assistance.


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