Cumberland County Single Family Home Sales 2001 – 2013

Often, we get asked, “How’s the market?”  The Maine Association of REALTORS® compiles historical data and the graph below tells the story of where we’ve been since 2001 as far as single family home sales in Cumberland County.   Portland drives this market and so we often use Portland as a predictor for the Southern Mid-Coast Region.  What starts in Portland, eventually works its way up the coast.  Right now, Portland is a hot market – meaning that nice listings are routinely seeing multiple offers, which is putting upward pressure on home prices in the city. In Maine Home Realty’s territory,  Brunswick is located within Cumberland County and, in certain neighborhoods (Meadowbrook and Parkview Estates), we have also seen a bit of this type of activity, but generally speaking, it is still a Buyers’ Market in our area.

Don’t skip the notes below the sales volume graph — you may be surprised!
Cumberland County Maine - Home Sales 2001-2013


Maine Home Realty can assist with home buying & selling in several towns and cities in Cumberland County.  If you have interest in Brunswick, Harpswell, or Freeport,  Call us today!  

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