Maybe You’ve Noticed . . . .

If you’ve been a fan of Maine Home Realty’s monthly market reports for Bath, Brunswick & Topsham, you may have noticed that April’s report was not posted.

We’ve received feedback requesting a change to the format of our market reports. In early June, we will publish separate reports for each of the towns – Bath, Brunswick and Topsham.  We will post April and May data at that time.  Subsequent month’s data for each town will be added to the top of these same posts.

Home Sales ReportConsumers tell us that they are usually interested in only one town – either the town where their current home is located, or the town where they want to purchase a home.   Compiling each town’s data on one post allows a reader to quickly scroll down to easily see a history of market activity.

We apologize for the missed month of market reports and hope you feel the improvement is worth the wait!  In the meantime, you can view the Maine Association of REALTORS’ Press Release reporting the State-wide  April Home Sales data.

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