3rd Quarter 2013 Sales Report for Our Market Area

The chart below shows 3nd quarter home sales statistics for Maine Home Realty’s 16-Town Market Area.  As a point of comparison, we’ve included 1st & 2nd quarter data, 2013 year-to-date data and 2012 Annual Sales data, too.

Three Quarters of the way through the year, our market area has logged almost 85% of the sales that occurred in all of 2012.  Median sales price is up about 7.4% when compared to the 9-month data for 2013.  Given continuing good pending sales data, we should be in good shape heading into the final quarter.

Interest rates did tick up (and then back down!), but we may just now be starting to feel the effects of that, combined with the turmoil in Washington DC, it does seem a little quieter out there right now.

If you are ready to list your home for sale or buy one of the nice properties currently listed, call Maine Home Realty TODAY!

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